La Grenade


Spotting the East coast from the center of the country, the top of Ekang.

Let me enlighten you, about why I chose to even try to take this challenge of getting all the way from Mexico City to this distant island, Grenada. How good the local kitchen was, how surprising the inhabitants were, how beautiful the country was and how much I had taken with from there.


  • 01.16 – 03.16
  • Two months

During my upcoming ending of my YouTube project “Easy Languages” & “Ranik Vlogs”, my family spent time in Grenada and invited me to join them in the Caribbean Sea. I was in a mental dead state and could not have hoped for a better solution, than to finally drop some responsibilities into the hands of my mother and to calm myself, after this intense adventure. It was the general finish of this adventure, as well as the beginning of my spring and summertime in Switzerland 2016, that would lead me to my second journey to Asia.

My Story


I was the worst train wreck, as I had arrived from Miami in Grenada in the evening. 7 kilograms below my average weight (I’m 10 kg heavier now), completely burnt out from work in all categories and partying in Miami and Mexico City for the last days, clearly left scars on my appearance. I was already in a struggle at the airport, when I was the last person to be checked through at the border and they’ve seriously started to doubt my financial stabilities, if i’d not be planning to secretly remain illegally or whatever. A Swiss guy that traveled for almost a year straight. I did not lose my cool, but kept it smart and convinced them, in my messed up state, of the opposite. I got picked up by my family, delayed as I was, and I felt myself like slowly falling into an endless dive of space.. I woke up in an own room on a comfortable bed and as I stood up and staggered towards the kitchen room, I glanced at an unbelievable scene that was like a teddy bear smacking my face. On breakfast I had not to take care about it myself, instead my mother prepared me a cereal with yoghurt and mango slices. A cold glass of still water was placed on the table as well. Shortly said: I was in heaven. And so I’ve lived there for two months in peace, calm and happiness. I want to tell you about the (not too hectic) times and highlights on this island, I’ve encountered.

Capital St. Georges


I lived just 5 minutes away with the minivan bus, super close. Which is the joke, cause it’s an island as small as a third of New York City. The capital was in a rather ruined state, since the financial crisis and dubious businesses seemed to have left bigger scars here. Also devastations by hurricanes are an issue, that one can see. The capital is making a quite interesting impression, because it is not built for tourists. Instead, they’d many local stores with Chinese products and other stores with unknown goods, that never dragged me into one of those. The capital was split into two sides on a hill and was incredibly small, but because of the preserving of cultural buildings, it kept a local vibe that had already started to fade elsewhere in cities around the world. We went there usually for the vegetable market, not too big, but useful.


I had a slight culture shock from suddenly being surrounded by native black people living in Grenada, because I was used to Europeans, Mexicans and Americans from this journey so far, but I wasn’t expecting that in the southern part of the Americas. There were good restaurants in town with local Creole kitchen and an Indian as well, since they also got here somehow. A little museum about the countries histories, a chocolate restaurant with the best sweets in town and that was all I can think of now. I went there sometimes for little trips, but at the end, it was a town with quite limited options. Let me show some pictures!


The Natural Wonders


Jungle in the middle of nowhere, The Seven Sister Waterfalls.

The “Seven Sister Waterfalls” are quite famous among all the activities on Grenada. A spot in the center of the island, where one could swim in the waters of the rainforest. I decided to make a rare RanikVlogs video about it (YouTube: Trip to Seven Sister Waterfalls) and left with my family to the capital and directly took the bus further into the wild. The roads and drivers were so reckless, but it was impressive to see, how they managed to use every cm of the road to steer their vehicles around. After the milkshake procedure in the bus (I felt so dizzy) we jumped out in the middle of nowhere and went to the entrance, where I’ve found a local boy sleeping during his receptionist duties. I awoke him and he began to explain, where we had to go, until we took off. Just a little walk lead us to a local, who was working on a grass law with a bull grazing. As he spotted us, he came towards us and mumbled some hard understandable words. He waved us in order that we’d be following him to a tree with growing nutmeg. Secret gestures were made and he placed some of them into the purse of my mom as a present. Furthermore he showed us all kind of growing a like cinnamon trees, herbs and vegetables. At the end we’ve parted with thanks and went on, to our journey to the waterfalls. Before I continue my story, let me explain the nature and it’s growings. After a 30 minute walk, we had arrived. A double pool waterfall I’ve spotted and it took me a brief moment until I’ve enjoyed myself like a child with my sister in the waters, jumping and swimming.


The volcanic structure of this island gives amazing strength to the agriculture. Without further worries your plant will grow, just because the sun and the vegetation are unbelievably supporting the growth. The island is covered by rainforest without deadly poisonous animals. A lot is untouched nature, which seemed to me contra productive towards economy, but better for the environment. I took this picture on another trip into the center of Grenada and it became one of my favorite. The waters are ridiculously beautiful. Come on, it’s the Caribbean. The heat was absolutely crushing senses of people, but if you ever encountered something like this, then you know what I’m talking about.


The ridiculous beautiful beach in the Caribbean, Grenada.

Our Daily Life

We’ve lived in a simple apartment Below the owners, who owned four dogs. A black, older, lazy bastard, that just never gave a damn about anything. He was too tired for everything. A black younger chihuahua like dog ish, that popped the lazy bastard (I got it actually on tape) and never appreciated our existence around here. A brown baby dog, that bit everything and was so hyperactive, it could drive you mad and a black little puppy, that was sick and seemed about to die, when we left. It was so friggin cute, but they were all so dirty. They actually entertained us a lot when I think about it. I think it would have been a lot more boring without them. There were some grocery stores around and the one just down the road with international products, that were too expensive. The general living there is quite the cost. When you stood out of the property we’ve lived, onto the road, you could just turn left, which would have taken you 20 meters downwards to the beach and a turning point that was used as a little street soccer field. I played there as well once in a while, also to pimp my health system, because I was completely weakened from my previous laptop workings. They all smoked pot from the neighbor country St. Vincent. One was even called “the pharmacist”. In general, the island was covered in rum and pot, the people loved it. We did just some day trips sometimes, but never left to another island or did anything out of the ordinary. It was just what I was planning. Rehab in the Caribbean.


Final Impression

I was living low-key, what else do you want to do on such a small island. That, however, was exactly my intention and it all worked out exactly as planned. When I arrived in Switzerland in March, I was calm, happy and strong again. I haven’t learned too much from Grenada, but I rather gained a lot more insight about the Caribbean. I rather learned about life itself, than from traveling this time. It is an island to retire to. Summer, beach and yachts. I’ll be glad to sail one day around those islands.

Datei 14.06.16, 22 43 40

A year of traveling comes to an end.


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