Life of Lolei

Travel Journal

After deciding of settling down with my girlfriend and beginning a life in South Korea in 2017, I still have an experience to share of two weeks, spent in a local village of Lolei, where I had once again faced my destiny as an English teacher. This is the little story of my 15th Workaway that I have myself commited to.

  • Working as: English Teacher
  • Place: Siem Reap, Cambodia
  • Time I’ve spent: 05.03.18 – 17.03.18

From Monday to Friday, in the morning and the afternoon, there were ten classes in two rooms, featuring three levels of education and providing free lessons for the poor villagers of Lolei, given by the host’s volunteers, which are mainly showing from Workaway. While the educating of the children holds the strong right arm, several donations from various sources are getting collected in this place and converted into nourishment, that is donated to the poor villagers of Lolei, making the so called “Food Program” the strong left arm of this Independent Project of the Workaway host.

Renovations, the school rooms, the purified drinking water pump and more are all the result of the goodwill from all around the world, that had been establishing this place since 2011. While the host is mainly attending the office work at home, his wife is taking care of the household and the cooking for the several volunteers. Meals and accommodation were all included in the mandatory fee of 5USD per day, accepted by Workaway. While the host gave his general focus onto the economy of his private NGO, the volunteers had the general control of all the material, schedules and classes in the school project, making this Workaway an improvisation of skills.

Since this Workaway had sometimes up to more than Ten volunteers, the group shifted almost daily, making it hard to catch a base in the project. It was only in the last days of my stay, when I had decided to invest my energy into a private project together with the host. A record of all students attending the schools. Believe it or not, the NGO never a physical record before meaning, we didn’t know their names, looks, how old and advanced they were and where they were assorted to. We had taken several days of profiling into action and managed to catch every single student in their most various ways of mimics. Some were smiling, some were laughing and some were simply enjoying the moment and gave a ridiculous face. I have up to 160 Children captured by photo, that are my most valuable memory of my entire work at Lolei.

Final Impression

The facilities were average, the teaching was simple and the people were good. I had overall a very good experience in Lolei, meeting other fellow travelers and learning more about the people of Cambodia, even though I used to live here in 2009.

This Workaway host is definitely recommendable and if you want to teach there as well and experience life in Lolei, check out this Workaway host right here.

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