Citytrip, Singapore


The Marina Bay Sands

Have you ever been in a city, that had been absolutely unique, giving you the feeling of being in a different country? Well, Singapore not only feels like a unique world metropole, but also is a country for itself. Let me share my one week memories of AirBnB with you, seeing abstract art, being in a forbidden world and visiting the world’s highest sky bar.

  • 02.17
  • One Week

My story

We rented an Airbnb in the Suburbs, further north for eight days. It was a pricey 3-people deal we got, by sleeping on a couch and a Queensize bed. The sharing with the Indian couple went great, but the Price/Quality value was questionable, however, I had heard different Airbnb stories from Singapore, so don’t think that all Airbnbs ar bad there. I mean, we still had a swimming pool and a close access to Metro.

  • Tip: We had crossed the landborder from Malaysia to Singapore. There’s a rumor going around, that THIS border is not recommended for visa runs (not general re-entry), as they had been forcing foreigners to book a ticket straight back home to wherever they were coming from. Make visa runs in Thailand.

Switzerland vs Singapore

People love to praise the Metro for being so clean, which is no surprise, as you are continously having a “Don’t” sign somewhere, telling you something. See, that’s artifical. I mean, by no means, Zurich (where I am from) is also artificial, but there is a great difference in certain cases, so let’s make a Switzerland vs Singapore comparison:

  • Expenses: Both places are expensive. While Singapore has artifical prices, but reaches a realistic price tag in the suburbs, Switzerland is not only slightly more expensive, but has no cheaper region or suburbs. Wherever you go in Switzerland, you’ll always pay a lot. Plus, the buildings in Singapore are sometimes displaying a sad sight, that are not available in Switzerland.
  • Clean: Singapore is clean, because all is forbidden, everywhere you go to, so people are controlled by displayed warnings. Switzerland is clean, because it’s a mentality, a warning that is harnested deep in the culture. We don’t need warnings, displayed everywhere and that is the main difference.
  • Rights: Race and religion issues are greater in Singapore. Switzerland is different, as we don’t discriminate people in Switzerland that obviously. We avoid the problems, by simply not letting them into our country. It is very difficult to enter Switzerland as a foreigner, which is why we don’t have Working holiday visas. Both countries are having a bad in sense of Immigration. Both are shady in money business and both are small, hahaha! Seriously though, in Switzerland, we still have decent rights, while Singapore has a clear censoring of media and other affairs.

Lifestyle & People


A few days of luxury in me, else so basic lifestyle.

I am a budget traveler. I was not in Singapore, because my family took care of me. That’s why, I had spent nice times in nice places. Here’s a list:

  • Raffles Hotel (famous hotel, that had once upon a time the glorious times.)
  • Altitude 1 (Tallest open rooftop bar in the world, a must see.)
  • An Italian Restaurant, which was expensive and excellent. As soon as I have the name, I will update it on the blog.
  • Several Indian restaurants.

Our Airbnb hosts were and are currently trying to receive the Singapore passport after having spent several years in this country as working citizens of a decent elite. The issues they are facing, are difficult and somewhat corrupt. Getting a Singapore Passport is very difficult and having access to connections is very much recommended. Muslims are getting favored in this country over other nations, similar to Malaysia. Racism is a worldwide known issue, also on government levels, but it should not be the case, that a decent working resident, that had followed the laws since years, is getting this little amount of respect. The controlling of people by media and restrictions can be seen therefore I’d say, that the standard of treatment towards general society in Singapore is not up to date.

The Night Safari

The famous and first night zoo in the world and highlight of Singapore, had indeed been a surprise and an unusual feeling, as we were walking late in the dark through the bushes and passing by the trees. Definitely recommendable, if you have a little extra money for this activity.

Final impression

Singapore is an interesting place, but it would not enter the tops, because it lacks of soul. Mexico City, Zurich or Seoul have a more vivid, cultural and detailed expression. Singapore has surreal activities to offer, which cost a lot, but should be done if visiting. That’s why I recommend to everyone traveling there, to not save money, but to enjoy the times, because that’s the only life quality there is. The one to buy. So don’t do Singapore, if you’re short on money, and go to the “Altitude 1” bar, it’s insane.

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