Departure for the unexpected Journey

The Ranik Report


These diary entries were made during my work time in the Netherlands until the returning to Switzerland for the YouTube project. I got stories from The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine and Moldawia written down. Placed all of them in a page, you can disccover and understand very on-time emotions I had felt during my journey. I barely edited anything, in order to keep the emotions as real as possible. Also means, that whatever I wrote here, I may not be the same Ranik today, or have different opinions by now.

  • 15.05.16 – 27.09.16
  • 5 months

Day 24

My first free day since a week! I really felt like enjoying that day because I had finally time to eat my breakfast and I was also able to see Conni from Salzburg until she left at 12 pm. So we still had time to play another round of “Kai Lies” (check the video)  with Henrique and a new girl from Holland, Ninke. Conni offered me to pass by in Salzburg for Horse riding which sound amazing! So Salzburg is on my list now.


Conni, Kai, Herique and I in Rotterdam.

I found out that Kai was pretty much doing the same as I do, traveling without big compromises and not much cash on him. As I offered him a Job as Cameraman I found out that he actually works in cinematography for years which got me up so high that I could not believe to find somebody like him! (Note 11.16: I actually offered him a non paid job with ridiculous possibilities. Now I understand way better why he refused to join, hahaha!) He thought about it but decided, even after my convincement trying to rest on his plan and keeping on traveling alone. Points where, of course money. Security. I cannot guarantee that. That’s the point of my adventure. Plus he has people to visit in a period of time so that would have not be possible. But I believe that this is the right decision since I am way more flexible that way and everything would rely on me. And I want to achieve something big.

Later I went for grilling with some Weed-People in the park and the meat did not looked so trustworthy since one told me that the meat has been storage outside of the fridge during the night…

Kai is on

Kai on Google street view.

So I decided to meet Mircea, my Romanian friend who offered me his help, to fix my bike, to go around in Europe for traveling. Later I was sitting around in the hostel and having fun with my friends. Oh yeah. We have a new intern who works here. Petra from Finland. I showed her around and she seems pretty nice.  Oh yes, Kai is on Google street view!


On the Dome in Rotterdam

Playing guitar on the dome of Rotterdam.

I got up very early for nothing as the Workplan wasn’t planned properly. So I decided to spend my whole day on preparing my social networks as I discovered through a tip by Kai to use WordPress as a Blogging platform instead of writing my book just for myself. So to everybody who wants to know more about my life than usual, just go onto my Blogging page right here. On the afternoon I was a bit bored and went upstairs finding Mircea, a workmate of mine and the new intern Petra chilling in the Room. As I told him that I could not get high by weed he showed me how to do it and it almost knocked the shit out of me! (Note 11.16: I actually had a super hard rush.. that was close.) A half a beer and that was it. I stayed for short in my bed to get some warmth as I was freezing the whole day.

My chocolate cake worked!
So happy, but the cake looks so terrible.

On the evening I decided to finally bake a chocolate cake, because I got an awesome recipe and little money. It turned out to be such an awesome cake! I shared it with a dozen people and everybody was really happy. Tomorrow is working day…. I don’t want to because tomorrow is Toilet-cleaning day and weekend are many people checking out of the hostel…so a lot of beds are awaiting me and mircea. Oh yeah. I just signed up and I am now official: YouTube-Partner.


Today was the Day that André left. He really did got on my nerves recently but still, the departure of him was something special since I had also great times with him! This Saturday was way too easy for working as Mircea helped me out so much with work today. I realized that since my cake was so amazing that I could actually try to sell it on the bar! So I asked and they did not wanted any money from it! Means, four of twelve cakes have to get sold in order to make the production costs alright and if not everything goes away then I just will eat the rest!


Stoned in the morning at work.

It is Sunday. The day where I know, work will be the hardest, but still. Five hours a day is not the end of the world. Rather a bother was that I was still stoned from smoking weed yesterday! Still dizzying around. At least I got better during the day. Today was also the day Henrique left. He is coolest Hong Kong guy I ever met! Seriously, I am glad I could meet him. After that I worked on some vids as Adriel showed up again and invited me to eat dinner with him! Which is awesome since he already cooked once and it was amazing!

So at the end I met again new people and got to meet jeanie, a girl that lives in Lund! That means I meet her again there when I pass by in Sweden!


So my last day was pretty easy work, but after cooking something with a little Asian the day got it’s story.

Got punched right on the lip!

I was cooking with some young junkies and they started to discuss, then getting closer and then lil Asian screaming around nonstop. I could see it in his eyes, that he lost control. Unfortunately, the black boy did too, as he passed by me and grabbed the kitchen knife. I could just prevent him of doing something worse. So, after calling the police I just got punched on the lips while preventing the fight to escalate. Crazy last day indeed! I am going now to a bingo in a Irish pub! Tomorrow I will move probably to Utrecht! It’s still possible to vote! (Note 11.16: I tried to let people decide my journey by voting on FB and Twitter that time.)

It’s a strong feeling I have… back when I got the “yes” to work here in this Hostel, I felt till now in safe hands, and now I am again…out of my free choice, stepping into darkness. To step into the light.


Thomas, some girl and I are enjoying the last day in Rotterdam.

I wanted actually to go to bed since I got work to do but somehow it ended up like in the picture right…

I met Thomas in the Irish Pub, which I only visited cause Bingo night was on. Then I stayed till 4 am. Then we went with random dude which name was Thomas as well and two random girls into a Gay pub and had fun until morning… I tried to get my things together but almost missed my departure of the train in Utrecht. Because I could not use the bike. “Melissa-Lucia-van-Pepe” had to stay there because it did not worked as planned. The suitcase was  way too heavy. Plus there was a blizzard coming up. As I called my mother and desperately told her that my plan was about to fail, i regained myself, took the train and left for Utrecht. (Check the video)

Utrecht is really nice. I got quite confused but found my way to the Hostel where I got a night but no work.  Also not in the second one. And as I entered the third one which was a bit known for lacking a bit in quality I could not believe what I see. Old cheese on the table, rotten food, dusty everything, no people, no quality. But still I asked what’s up here. As I found out that a Finnish girl (the only customer ever seen) and the American receptionist are actually not for staying here, I relived too after some fights downstairs that this hole is terrifying. So I managed to free the girl from the already signed in document and stored her in a better one. She was very happy and also quite cute. Because she really wasn’t strong by herself at all. After we ate “Kapsalon” together I said good bye and went into my room to finish my video for today. I also wanted to go to a cheaper country in order to spend my money cheaper…so tomorrow. I am in Wroclaw, Poland. Honig by BlaBlaCar.


Eating breakfast with Alba.

As I woke up, I agreed with Alba to eat Breakfast. So I went to get the yoghurt for some cereals as I returned I saw entered the room with sunlight and a Catalonian lady waving me to a table with great decorated breakfast. I did thought I was tripping. I knew from this point that I had to pass by at her home in Catalonia to eat some local dishes (such as boiled egg with honey). I booked yesterday a BlaBlaCar to Wroclaw which did not show up. So I had to get back with Alba to my old hostel and get a new plan. I found a car to Prague and booked my hostel there for a week. It has not super reviews but it’s super cheap and I am a Travel-Adventurer so…

As I finished my booking I decided to bake an effin cake. I dunno why. So I saw two people in the lobby. I got up and asked quite straight about what’s up now. They where easily convinced and joined me on the experiment. One was Yuki from Japan and the other was Franziska From Italy. We had a lot of fun baking the cake! Even though the equipment was impossible to handle. As Alba joined and the cake-party we shared the cake with the whole hostel and everyone was very happy. And of course, the cake was very awesome! xD


I woke up and knew that today was my second chance to get to Eastern Europe. I kept on editing videos until 4 am last night and was therefore pretty tired. I took the foto of the dome, the same day, I missed my BlaBlaCar and returned to my Hostel.

I also took this one-shot of the river in Utrecht. I should make more pictures of towns but since I am traveling for such long time, I never do them touristy things. At 3 pm I arrived at the address where Mike, my second BlaBlaCar driver showed up and I also met Martin and another guy who owns a hostel in Thailand. Apparently there is a chance of passing by in “Koh Samui” and work in a hostel there. After arriving 2 am in Prag (Praha) I got delivered exactly where I wanted to. I went straight for my bed… xD



Picture got taken from a little island connected to the bridge, Prague.

Because of some Turkish people leaving the window open all the time I woke up due to the cold at 8 am. Terrible. I went after one hour to bed again. As I woke up at 1 pm I went down and was so hungry. I decided to go for some vegetable shopping as I saw a green forest hill behind a bridge. It was such long time ago since I stepped on hills and forest, because there are none in The Netherlands, so it literally dragged me there, I canceled my food-plan and went straight for the hill. As I saw some people playing frisbee I stopped on the middle of the bridge and went to a little park which was in the middle of the bridge like an island!

First time meeting Viki.

After my first time playing “ultimate frisbee”, I moved on and got stuck again, as I heard loud music and people from another park on the other side of the bridge! I asked for the opportunity to grill with them and went shopping food. I spoke to a girl from Kyrgyzstan and had a lot of fun until the end of the day. A date for tomorrow 5 pm was set and I went back to the hostel with a lot to video-edit.


I met a French YouTuber when I went to my room and he is working for “Easy Language channel”. A channel that interviews people and let’s the viewer learn some language based on the country. He asked me to join the Switzerland part and I just changed my mind in last second to keep following my plan. But I did some sightseeing with him in Praha until 2 pm. (Note 11.16: One of the most important days of my journey!)


A view that Viki showed me of Prague

Almost missed my date on 5 pm because I wanted to watch the last round of “Bundesliga” football. She just wanted to leave after waiting 10 min. And since I did not exchanged anything with her I would have lost contact with her forever. But I found her and she showed me Praha from a different view. We had a lot of fun and the Plum jam with “ricecream” was the best. Thank you! Another date is settled on Tuesday or Wednesday to cook something together! 😀 and since I know that she cooks amazing #PlumJamProved I can’t wait! xD I just found out that walked over 20 Km that day…xD


Going to the “Red Room”. Nice plate!

This day was rather a quiet day with not much happening. Until I met Daniel and Doug. I met them in the hostel and we went together to a bar called “Red Room”. An Open-mic session was on and we all sang songs there and had a lot of fun! 🙂 Video will be up soon!


Doug is awesome! (eating Viki’s plumjam)

This was the day I decided to work a lot on my videos and ideas. I still had to figure out how to connect “Easy-Language channel” and my one. This day was not really important since the evening did not get any much better. I know one thing though. Doug is a cool dude.


This day started easy like the last ones but apparently it turned out completely different. Daniel, Doug and I decided to go outside and make some street music. We started with the famous St. Charles bridge and I showed them how to properly perform on streets, since this is what I did for years. We gave so much fun out and this is how the picture with the girl got made.

After being told by security to move away from the bridge we went up the stairs. We played at many places and has the whole day music going! Last place was in front of the astronomical clock. 

Finger and strings, both are wrecked.

We played another blues-rock as my string broke during the song, but I still played. “The show must go on”. At the end of the song I realized that I couldn’t hold the plectrum anymore because of the blood on my fingers. I am gonna keep the stains on the guitar. As a memory…xD and later of course I went cooking with Vika. That was so cool! (Note 12.16: The blood is still there.)


Let’s go into the wild.

My last day consisted of editing in the morning and a lil walk in the center till evening. But then…I tried to bake the chocolatecake and It did not got perfect… only good (everybody liked it).

I met up with Vika and actually wanted to give her chocolatecake but since it was average and kinda black, hahaha, I decided to give her something else…like maybe flowers…if I would have had enough time. I did not wanted to be late so here we go again. No gift. For the third time. 😐

She gave me some Plumjam the first time where I came 10 min. Late. Second time I wanted to give some Ricecream but I had no time to find the store so… one day. xD

Tomorrow I go to Studenec! Into the wild! And have a job for a month! :O


Arriving at the most beautiful campsite.

I left the hostel not too sad, as I had enough of this crazy hostel. Someone’s locker got broken up and it anyway feels like jail, but since it was so cheap, no complaints. I Went to the trainstation and found my way to the bus terminal. I passed by the country side and almost passed by my station. Plus the bus took almost took my suitcase with. Just 5 seconds after the bus left a car with three girls parked in front of me. The two owners and a volunteer. In a small Citroen. I still managed to take the suitcase on me and we went to the most amazing place ever. I realized how much I needed the countryside after so much city tripping. They showed me the room and we made a BBQ at the evening until midnight. Great start! xD


The owners kept on joking when I asked them when the work starts. But they woke me up around 09:00. She explained me everything and let me work with another volunteer for 30 min. After that the work seemed to be done for the day and we went hiking!? Incredible. I could not believe how kind they where. They feed me and now they go hiking with me??

Tired after 20 km of hiking.

I was stunned by the nature Czech Republic had to offer. It was such a nice day but they had so much power in the legs that I barely could catch up with them. The other volunteer even decided to stay in the village. At the end I was really struggling. Then we had dinner and I started to really feel like in a dream. I am so happy to be here. Somehow I was a bit traumatized by the Dutch girls in Rotterdam as they almost didn’t have me anything! And now I have Dutch girls treating me like a prince!? I enjoy the days here so much and I have so much time to prepare a new project. Even though. So much work has to be done for my channel. Sometimes I feel that it’s almost too much. But I keep on going. Always. Because I am strong and I know that. 🙂 and I got people waiting for my next video!


Yesterday I started with work. Window cleaning. Then I continued with helping fixing doors. And then I should take care of a window. I should paint it. And I never painted anything like that. It worked out super great until rain started to set in. I also wrote some food recipes for the owners cause they said that what I want they go shop today. As the food arrived I went straight for baking my famous chocolatecake! And for the evening everybody found it delicious! I also spent lots of time for the new video I want to give to EasyLanguage. But that story comes later. So at the end, good day!


Today I mowed the camping field and for the first time in my life I actually mowed! It was so cool and I was sitting on a machine and doing this! Awesome. I also am working on my scripts for my next videos! Plus I uploaded today a nice Update video. It is a bit of work and I feel really tired. xD I am again behind with work but I think I can handle it.


Enjoying my time on the campsite with the dog, Levi. The video room has to be painted. The owners keep on switching the color wishes which means that I have to start all the time something new…but it is matching to their lifestyle. xD we also had to cook by ourselfs this time so I and a volunteer girl made pizza and chips! I start to gain weight again… I love the dog! He shakes his butt when you cuddle him!


Taking care of my WordPress blog.

I have decided to keep posting my blogs on the same day in the evening than on the next day. Or to post them straight the next morning. I also want to use everyday a picture from “MomentCam” in the future as title-pic! Else… Yesterday Gerrieke, one of the owners showed me how to water the plants and today I, for the first time in my life watered the plants! I enjoyed it very much!

Epic plant watering.

I also thought that tomorrow is a day off but I am not working so fast… (Note 11.16: Clearly a bod WorkAway spot). Also because of no schedule existing… I think, since it is such easy work I am gonna keep on working tomorrow. Also a new volunteer showed up. Leonard is his name. He looks cool. 🙂 food was not special today.. Let’s hope for better tomorrow!


I need lots of paint! 🎨 Again… another room with another color should be done. I can’t believe it! I’m painting since hours and I can’t finish one cause they keep switching minds! :/ well I am only thinking about the owners because they are losing lots of time like that. I’m just working here. 🙂 For lunch Leon made a leek soup which was amazing! We also grilled on the evening. A new dish of mine!

Try-Tomato bread! (Get it? Try (Dry) tomato)? xD …anyway. I got no internet at the moment…but it doesn’t matter because I know I am too lazy to work! My channel need a video urgently! I must have one tomorrow. And also for EasyLanguage in the next time!

Oh yeah…today the allergies were quite strong. xD


I finished the painting work in the rooms! Now I can finally chill. And also I moved upstairs into a new room, private and the internet right next to me! I made it pretty and was working all day!  That video room I should do had to be done in so many colors because the owners could not decide. At the end they wanted pink!

My room looks amazing after I made this place nice. Very good!


A nice day off.

I woke up. After 10 am. BECAUSE I CAN! Yeah, it feels so good to actually experience a nice morning without stress to work. 🙂 today I will chill! I got told by the owners that I don’t work enough…which really pissed me off since I worked 7 days straight. But I am the good guy, I know that. The volunteer left but maybe I’ll see her again one day. This evening there was a little party with neighbors gathering here to check the owners out. I went during the party with the bike to the shop (gas station) to buy some zigarettes for Oliver. A new volunteer who arrived yesterday evening. If I stay here the whole month, then I will have him for the same amount of time.

Crazy day! When I got in my room at 10 pm the chickens were sleeping on my table and chilling! Plus shitted ony table! #VideoUpSoon


Working again tomorrow!

I was chilling the shit out of it and enjoying the sunshine on this campsite. I did not progressed too much on my other channel-project but I did finish the scripts! As I got out of my room i saw a swarm of wesps over the owner’s house! We tried to smoke them away until in the afternoon some visitors smacked down the nest from a tree with a piece of wood! So I went back and decided to bake another cake since it is an awesome one!

Then i watched the Champions League Final and saw my juventus Turin loose. After that I wrote this blog and, probably, went to bed.


Since I have been falsely told that I am not completing my work regularly, I decided to get up earlier! At 8 am I got up to work! Ok, ok, it’s not too late.

It was comfortaby warm in the early morning as it got hotter the later it got! At the end I was super-done for and repaired some chairs and tables. I keep on having a volunteer on my Laptop because he’s without one at the moment…weird but acceptable. The evening was spent chill as always and my day ended great!


Enjoying the times here a bit too much, hahaha!

I tried. But I failed to wake up on time. But it’s ok. I started at 8:30 with work and kept on working on the chairs and tables. Today the two chickens got on my nerves as they kept on picking on me! Plus they almost fell into the color. one of them was stuck on some bikes and as he tried to escape it dropped something on the floor and I saw what I saw! It dropped its first egg!

Then I played some and met the new volunteer who arrived here. I am going to show more the next day. Oh yeah, tomorrow is working-on-the-videos-day!


Chilling at the campsite.

I went working on painting the chairs white as the chicken came and actually touched the chair! Leon and I had to clean the chicken with a piece of cloth. xD I finished the painting-work and went afternoon to the next village as I also got the opportunity to shop some things I really wanted!

They keep the Lindt chocolate behind the cashier..

As I wanted to pay I realized that the most expansive chocolate is behind the cashier with the alcohol and the zigarettes!? Not bad. But three euros is insanely a lot. At the end I went back to the campsite and spent saw the owners and Leon working to get some old old shit with the truck-pumper out! :0

Disgusting, but also very interesting. (Note 11.16: Did I really say that?)


Well, what to say. Double YT vid upload brought me to bed @ 4 am…as I overslept I still decided to go work instead of chillingly free day away. I lost contact with one of the people here which is quite ok because he is weeeird! Usual day until evening

I had this awkward idea of cutting my hair out of nowhere…so I did it.

I knew that my current haircut needed some help. So I decided to do this video on that topic. My whole Haircut is on YouTube so no need to explain too much. The finish looked quite acceptable and so I went to edit the vids and after the production of it I wanted to write this blog. #CrazyDay


I got all the handling.

I realized that I counted the days wrong on my journey! xD well this is weird but now it’s fixed. Today is another work day and I keep on getting up later than planned because I am stuck on the PC till 3 am. I was so tired after this day that I could not finish the videos for EasyLanguage…again. But tomorrow is my day off. Then. Finally. Mexican tortillas also called “Leon’s chicken burrito” were the dinner and that was amazing! After dinner we went to my room and played. Some online games till the next day! #FollowYoFlow


Working on multitasking.

I spent the night playing online games with another volunteer and went to bed at 5 am. Means that I overslept and after some bike tours to a secondhand shop and to the gas station, to get some batteries for my microphone, I was, again, just done for. And that fu*king allergy!!! I couldn’t record properly…but I made it. After cooking second time Mexican and then in the evening I went at late (22:00) to my room and started with the other volunteer to chill and now it’s 2 am and I am soooo tired. But the blog. Is done! #GoodNight


I worked overtime today and went on the day as usual. I keep on struggling with releasing videos everyday as I realized that there is just so much work for me to do that I cannot keep up. It is not easy. I try to edit as much as I can but sometimes I am just too tired. But still. I am progressing good. I am doing strong work!


Taking it easy on the Czech fields.

Today was an easy day. I worked my hours and finished a few things. Tomorrow or let’s say in a few hours I will be 22 years old. Usually always with my family, there was a celebration going on or something. But now for the first time I am alone. And I don’t think there will be a lot of party now. But I am happy with how the things are at the moment. I see more and more of this world and I cannot realize what I am achieving here. Hahaha, am getting so emotional  here.

I will enjoy 15 June, 00:58, my minute of birth and open up the present ofy sister I am carrying around since two month! 😀 and tomorrow I will upload a HappyBirthdayVid!


I am getting 22!

Incredible! I can’t believe it! The day was so awesome! Actually nothing happened during the day so I
started to work on my video for my new project! I even finished it and sent it straight to Anthony. He was very pleased and said that I am basically in! He just needs the yes from Germany! Before I left in France I received this present I shall not open until my birthday.

A super-cute letter, bubble gum, string and needle and a picture of us was inside the wallet. I was so touched by the letter that I really felt like crying.

I made a lots of pictures for everybody and it was totally worth it! This one was just genius! So at dinner time I still got surprised by them with a nice dinner and a good fun party afterwards! They gave me some alcohol, which was consumed by them as well, hahaha! A incredible first birthday party without my family. Thanks to them. So much.

I think I also today gave to myself the best present. #Happybirthday #FollowYoFlow


Enjoying my life.

I woke up so late again and I want to wake up earlier because I want to save my afternoon for some other things. I fixed some chairs today and went with Leon into the fields and forest to look for mushrooms. I saw two times baby deer today! But we could not find good mushrooms ones yet. I am so exited now that it seems like I will be part of a huge YT community it feels quite awesome! Let’s hope for Anthony’s final yes from Germany. #FollowYoFlow


I can hardly write my blog… I worked 10 hours today! I am so done. From 7 am until 5 pm.

Mexican food with Leon.

Jep, that was the lunch! It was great! I thought about where I should travel to. To be honest. I know all about America anyway. I know what in general will await me if I go to Argentina or Costa Rica. But Tajikistan for example is something totally unknown to me. I think about crossing Asia towards India. My YouTube channel has come to a bit like a dead end…not any people watching stuff…because I don’t upload all the time.

My life is a challenge. A challenge worth taking!! 😀


Finally I had time to take care of my businesses.

I woke up at 11 am. Perfect. I called for brunch and with Leon, the volunteer, the only one now, we set up a nice one and ate in my room. After that I took a look at my future work and saw that my project has a huge stage! So during the day I decided to work on it!

I worked up the whole day easy pease and learned how to setup subtitles, intros, outros and I created my own logo! I think about releasing two videos in a week. Just while writing this there is a moth flying around and I hope it doesn’t jump scares me while writing in bed with the only lightsource being the iPhone. Anyway.

I just made the best score ever today. I will go now to bed and since I have another free day tomorrow I will work on some scripts for my future vids! I realized that one of my BigPoints to let the people choose on FB where I should go doesn’t work because it is just too complicated anyway to survive with almost no money. To let people care freely choose your actions is financially just impossible…but I so want to do this! So I actually really hope that I could make enough money with “EasyLanguages” to have only to focus on my Project: Being a YouTuber.


Hards times require controlled soul, mind and body.

Today I had another free day which I invested into reading manga, playing “” 🎮 and thinking about my project “EasyFact”. I also realized certain things.

A great breakfast for soul, body and mind.

I made myself a nice breakfast because I just felt like. Anyway. I had enough. I have been here for three weeks and I feel that I have seen enough of all. So I made the decision to move on next week to…I don’t know. But to be honest…I also thought about that. I know America. Really, it’s rather a zoo than a discovery unlike the Middle East. So I think I will go to the east instead to America. But anyway. First things first. My new project “EasyLanguage”. #FollowYoFlow


I got it under control.

It was yesterday morning. I was bored. That’s when I realized that it is time to move on…I’ve spent almost a month here and I feel like I want to have something going on…like city tours! So how about…Vienna-Bratislava-Budapest? Or Poland? When I think about it I can’t wait to move on! But still, I got a lot to do and I need this time. But next Friday, I am off to Prague. The day was rainy and nothing special happened.

But oh yeah. “Hayate the combat butler”! This manga steals so much of my but it is so awesome! To be honest I am a bit desperate because I can’t stop reading….xD anyway… Next week I will move on!



Living a free life.

With a lot of work, work and work. But if you aim for a dream you AIM for it!!! That felt good, hahaha! I am preparing my first official video for EasyLanguage and I must say. I am a pro. It looks more than awesome! But two videos per week are tough indeed. But I must take it. Shitty weather today but doesn’t matter when I work on my vids.

Should I….? Yes I am going to make a super short Prag update video and upload it onto my channel.



That’s how I feel right now.

Because today I have sended my video for Wednesday to the YouTube channel “EasyLanguages” so after the upload I am officially part of it! Awesome! It’s going great! I actually can’t believe what I am achieving here. I do not dare to believe that this is destiny. But it simply is. Everything that happens is destiny. This is the power of life. Weather of course is rainy since days and the work schedule sucks. But soon I will be on the road. I worked a lot but I feel so fresh. A good sign. #FollowYoFlow


I will move on soon.

So I am sitting here in my room after my work day and I am thinking about where I should go. And I found a car. That will take me to! Kraków! Poland! I am not sure but I want to check out Kraków. People say that this city is very beautiful. I am also working on my videos as always and today was another more regular day. Means it’s time to move.



I am leaving the campsite and go to Poland!
I’ve had enough of Bukovina (this place). The owners are not the ones liking me too much, so it’s Time to go on! I also baked Leon’s great cake and it was delicious! I am tired now…

Note from 14.10.16: As an ambassador of WorkAway and having worked several jobs now I can say: They were the worst.


On the road again.

I left. At 2 pm I said bye to everybody I know and was brought straight to Poland into a little village with no deeper strength.

At 4 pm my BlaBlaCar was supposed to show up but it did not. On my video you’ll see it all.
 Tired as F***

I am tired as hell but I edited everything now and can go to bed with good conscience. 🙂


I am back into cities after dreaming in country fields.

And I am glad I am back. I woke up, cleaned myself #YouTubeVideo #ButNotNaked!

and got stuck in the hostel by talking to an American who’s traveling for years. Very interesting. After that i went shopping some small things and got again stuck in some talks. Then I met this girl behind the reception and it got quite messed up after my trying to get for us two for the first time “Pierogi” take Away as they ripped me off by selling me whole menu’s! But at the end the meal was stunning! And I invited her for the meal which made it double awesome! Met two awesome people in an awesome hostel. And with them I took a short trip into the Jewish district and I found myself in such a nice time that I have realized; it was a good thing that I went on traveling.



How I am going to work from now on?IMG_5193

Today was a very interesting day. I found out that “EasyLanguage” denied my project, saying it does not fit. I was so destroyed. My chance to support my channel have gone far away again. I thought about borrowing money from my grandma or getting a sponsor for my channel. But then, after a call with my mom I realized. What I want is not important. I keep on wanting to get tons of subscribers for this and that. But what really matters are my true fans following me now. I realized that I’ve been going wrong ways. I should just travel and make videos for myself and the few people that care about me. I will probably stop the work with “EasyLanguage” and live free. 🙂 I am also satisfied with a few hundred people following me. 🙂

Schnaps is awesome! So let’s go for that! I tried the Schnaps in Poland and it was amazing. Not too sweet not too strong. Not too weak. Not too plain. Great taste Poland!


Spending a day without crazy actions can be also good sometimes, hahaha!

Because that’s what I did! Well, the Internet was bad so I went for a restaurant and got some hot chocolate and a croissant. Then I got caught up in some rain and ended up showering and cooking in the hostel some lunch. IMG_5202Then I spent my afternoon behind the reception with a girl and she was bored so I showed her “”.
And we ended up chatting until late in the evening. Then I had some shots with some people from the hostel and tomorrow I will go on my first free city trip tour guide stuff! Cool! #FollowYoFlow


What for a day!

It was a strange day. I went with Alex on this old city tour and after lunchtime we went with him onto another tour for afternoon-evening.

Ranik and Bee

So Tomek was the guides name and he was awesome. Now after we finished the tour this blog should be done. But not today. Because with some Australians we went for some shots with hering and after getting so drunk I hardly could go on another tour in the evening. So i, a girl and a guy got some luggage and brought it to theirs. Them the girl went mad and drunk and she got drunk. So she got kicked out and in the end it was quite fun! I also met some Norwegian people but that’s going to be another Story.


imagePlaying guitar in Kraków

Ok, I only played on the balcony. But it’s amazing! Yesterday I got just tons of things confirmed. I will be going to Warszawa and then to Vilnius. All by BlaBlaCar. Plus I got a new job beginning on August in Ukraine to support students in L’viv. I am excited!

imageAmazing times drinking vodka and eating hering with Alex & co. In Poland.

The day was quiet. I only made a tour around some Jewish districts. But the way it is all progressing is scary and impressive!


I’d visited Auschwitz and Birkenau.. I need time to think.

When I woke up I decided to take my camera with, even though taking pictures will not be a thing to do there a lot but I just need a camera. Must be a Vlogger sickness. xD

Auschwitz & Birkenau

I thought about the 35 euros that we’re going for the trip but as soon as I was on the way I knew that this was worth it. A place for rather mature people and giving you a feeling never sensed before. While Auschwitz was still somehow looking like a village, Birkenau looked rather like a chickenfarm but for humans instead of chickens. A such abstract place and feeling, walking on the place where the Nazis unloaded the Jewish people. I shall remember this day. So that this tragedy shall never happen again.

Eating Pierogis with David Yashar

And this was the best Bigos ever! We went afterwards into the famous bar “Alchemia” and ordered two tickets for the midnight show. But they where one hour too late and so we left just when it started. After getting our money back we went to a hering bar and we killed 50 percent alcohol with hering in beet and sour cream. The best stuff ever! A lot happened and now I finished writing this day down just 3 hours before leaving to Warszawa. #Respect


And if I would be naked with a dog in a Lamborghini, then I wouldn’t change it still. I am writing those sentences in the hostel Basyl. And that has been the craziest story for long. While the day has been easy and I said bye to David and went on the Internet the BlaBlaCar to Warszawa was on time, took longer than expected cause of traffic. I booked my hostel at 8 pm in the car online and got out in the suburb. And that’s when shit went down.

When times were good: Pawel, my driver.

I looked for the tram and found it fast. But I soon realized that the 2 zlotys that I gave to Pawel as a tip where vital. Cause in the tram I could not get a ticket. So I asked passengers but no win. As they told me to go to the driver I was double rejected by her just getting told some bitter words. So i asked an old woman and bingo! I got out a ticket and validated it, #smart. As I got out on the right station I looked for the bus station. Wait time, 20 min. Ticket valid, 20 min. Means that I need another one. Plus I needed toilet. So I took my guitar and took my ticket at the end. But as I inserted my money, only change came out. So I desperately tried to tilt the machine by grabbing my hand into the slot. Luckily, it dropped down! So I went into the bus and drove to the station. Then followed the map, could not believe it, went back, no found, went front, went back and then followed the official train, tram and bus company’s plan. My driver and a guest beforehand typed in the route to my hostel in a smartphone, which I photographed with mine. As I ended up at the finish line, I felt gras on the ground and knew it. This is the fuking river. So I laugh, make my video with my phone and it dies. I go into the next hotel and they send me to the hostel. After losing over an hour I arrive there and want to check in. They give me a paper and I write down my personal datas. I felt something is wrong and asked the two girls. After my third question: Answer: the booking was a system fail and they have no space. So they wanted to send me into a hostel which would have costed me 12 euros more in the three days. So I rejected saying there incompetence shall not cost me more. They had nothing more to give than a chance to find something new…at 23:00 on their public PC’s which I checked and said that they where shut. Answer: we will try to fix it. Why should I care? So I plug in my phone and let it start up. I take things on my own and with the girl at the desk I asked her which ones are too far away. I found Hostel Basyl. So she printed out a bus plan and showed me the way on a BW paper, by putting a cross outside the map on the edge. I asked for change, since I know that change is vital. Answer: no have. Moreover. Don’t want. At the station I realized with another local that the departure and arrival places are switched…so I go back and tell her. She realizes and said I have to take other direction and make a circle with the bus. So I go back and take at midnight N16 to far away. I ask the driver for ticket. Answer: no change. I don’t think I have to explain how I felt at that moment as you can also go onto YouTube and experience it. In the center he kicked me out saying he makes a 15 min break. But he drove away and I did not know where my bus is now! I needed change so I went to the Hard Rock Cafe in Warszawa. A man stands in the entrance rejecting me saying it’s closed. I told the I want to change a 5 euro bill (20 zloty bill) into coins. Answer: no. I saw the taxi and asked how much it is to go to my place. 50 zloty, which means I would still loose my 12 euros! So I went to a closed bus which was wrong choice since he utterly rejected me looking at me with harsh glance sending me back. But then I saw the bus terminal and found my bus! I talks to people saying i need change! The bus driver from the previous N16 called me in and we drove off and he finally gave me a ticket for 5 zlotys. More than usual but he had no more coins to change so np. I realized that somehow it gets more and more suburb again. And as I descended the bus after 15 min I found myself at the station 02! Which means that there are two bus stations for two directions and The mal Shows ne The was from 01! All behause that stupid girl at the reception is really dumb. Sorry, but you can’t help it. So I walk around in bath pants, sandals, camera, guitar, backpack and the suitcase. I feel an awkward pressure from the glances people give me here. Not the “Hey-an-Asian-guy”. More than that. I had to ask since I could not find any adress on the map. As I asked an old man from behind, talking to somebody through an entrance door of a store, he slowly turns around and gives me that fucking Wildwest glance. I was too done to give shit about that and asked for the adress where my hostel is. And he says. “Left, and then right”. Another girl explained me in polish to go somewhere there. So I go and cross budings and cannot believe it. There I am. And I knew it before. If I would still have questions in this deserted place, then I am fucked. But since I am Ranik I knew that I can do this! I am still alive! And then I saw a similar adress on the map! And then I found the exact adress as my hostels adress! Then a little tour through the district and you won’t believe it. I found it. As I ringed the bell a girl gave me the papers, keys and sheets. I made it. I told her my story and was sooooo relieved. 1 am. And she told me that this was the most dangerous district in Warszawa. And I walk around at night in bath pants like a stupid….well enough of that. I want to Head now out to a free Walking Tour and Use my time here.


Checking out the downtown of Warzawa.

I woke up and knew that I don’t have too much time. But I know that there is a free tour around old town (stare miasto). So I walked there, checked the city, ate something, went to a park, saw some people playing volleyball, joined them and walked back. Total Walk: 30 Km. In 13 Hours.

Found an awesome joy in old town!
When I tried to order lunch I said to her at the counter: “Bigos”. Then she said “No, Bigos”, “kawasomeblabla”. So I said ok, I take that. I took my recipe and went to the little opening in the kitchen and saw one after the other receiving their awesome meals! After I gave her my recipe I received it. An home made ice tea….? Big fail, I take a seat in front of a polish guy and see him eat potatoes, chicken leg, cabbage salad and a good soup. I asked him what the name is. And he finished his soup, took me into the restaurant and told me four names on a huge wall. So I thanked him and tried to order the same. Exempt chicken leg I got steak which was totally ok. xD

In the evening I received a message that I could join the school in Ukraine right now…but I don’t know yet. I think about it.


I feel the tension of tomorrow!!!

Because tomorrow I will be going to Ukraine! Wtf? And more than that! By BlaBlaCar! Someone who doesn’t speaks English. Plus the city is still 50 K’s away at the end! Jeez…tomorrow will be another day I will never forget for the rest of my life.

Today I met lots of people who were fascinated by my doings! Cool that I met them! Today was a really lazy day since it was so hot and I walked yesterday so 30 K’s! :O


On the way to write history by ridin into mystery!
I heard the alarm at 05:45 but no way. As I woke up 06:15 I realized I was almost shitting it up! So I grabbed my stuff, went to buy some bread, water and meat and got to the train station at 7 am. I was nervous when he didn’t show up on time which was not so necessary since he showed up at 07:05. xD #SwissProblem we loaded my stuff in and then we went into the great journey to Ukraine!

 If there is somebody cooler than Pavlo, I shall eat a broom! With barely possibilities to conversation, we arrived at the border in Ukraine and that’s when it got funny. The military dude kept on checking my face and as he almost found out that I wanted to work he almost made a fuss about wanting some money! He also laughed a bit and asked Pavlo why I does a Swiss dude wants to enter Ukraine. XD

Pavlo stayed cool and we left without troubles…but there was a bit tension. And I like that to be honest. xD at the end I got straight loaded into a bus and brought  to the city and from there I took the taxi. I washed my laundry, got into my room, met the new people and thanked Pavlo for his amazing support during my journey!


I woke up early and went with another volunteer and a Japanese guy to the market and was astonished. This was the real east Europe here. No english, no tourist stuff and so. I met the receptionist at 14:00 and she showed me the schedule. Matter of fact, I helped an Ukrainian lady to improve her German skills, got shown around by her and finally met another girl who wants to learn German as well. And then I had my first English class. It was simply amazing. That’s where I found out that this is clearly one of my strength. I also went with Arturo to the shopping center where I dropped my pizza but hey! 3 second rule! Nice pic isn’t it? Cause today I started #RanikQuotes!

I do not do too much yet but I have to make a video tomorrow cause I am already delayed but there is indeed so much going on!


This is fun

I can’t express my feelings better. Giving German lessons here is simply amazing. I also uploaded another video today and overslept my last schedule today cause I was so tired. Tomorrow the same.

The vegetables on the market are so cheap and fresh! I could shop even without any Ukrainian language skills! I feel a bit bad but I got so much going on again that I have to figure out how to properly create some content for “Ranik Vlogs”. I should finish my Warszawa video tomorrow. I also got contact again with EasyLanguages. Not bad. My life is so interesting.


My fight had begun

I had tons of lessons to give and also started to work at the bar today. The first time in my life! It was awesome. But I only made a few coffees and sold some cookies. I feel quite tired and it is somehow tiring even though I do not feel that I do so much… I am also feeling a bit bad because I am not updating “RanikVlogs” so much at the moment. But I see the future ahead of me. It will go great!

During the work at the bar I could also follow the games of referee and wawrinka, which was awesome! And I found some locals on the market which make a good impression on me. I will now pass by there for the rest of the time. 🙂


Which is nice because it was so hot in the last days at I could barely sleep! Today was a bit cooler. Amazing picture I took of the school building today! This is where I give lessons for the next two months! I like it here so much!

Arturo and I made a bet on how much he is going to sell behind the bar tonight, and a picture of the OLA school.

That challenge I won! So he is going to buy the bread tomorrow, which is nothing since Ukraine is so cheap…I got a little work tomorrow and then I am pretty much done! The receptionist wanted to tell me that I worked only ten hours which is crap of course. xD I complained to the boss about it. She understands since she knows that it is the receptionist that is always mixing things up. xD



And when it rains. You’ll take advantage.
I leave in two weeks. Valentina, the owner told me so. Because too many people (three German teachers) are not convinced to be taught by me. But most of the students are. Which is the most important thing to me. Because I am a teacher for students. Not for teachers. So I will keep on moving on…and I don’t know, again where to go. 🙂 I am looking forward to meet another bunch of great people and get new stories. But first, I got two weeks of time.

Ukranian Karaoke bar

Tonight we went to a karaoke bar which blew off my mind. There was a bodybuilder singin Katy perry’s “hot n cold” single! With emotions! We drank, are and sang at the end by ourselfs as well. xD #VideoUpSoon


Doing a City-tour in Kamianets!
The morning we went onto the bus and in the early afternoon we arrived in Kamienets. May not be the right spelling of th city name. We went into another language school and taught German, Spanish and english. Nobu made a Nice video And er net some Nice People! They Tool is out in The afternoon into The City. The city left me back astonished…it was way more Beautiful than the city where i am staying Right now.

 Arturo and Nobu fighting against me in an epic Photo battle, Nobu and I doing stupid and my new haircut

We also saw a castle and I are my first borscht there. At the evening we went back to the city. We helped back in the city two guys to jump start their car and went straight for the party. I met lots of people and we smoked shisha and drank vodka.

Then we left and I was forced to go back to my room and switch my pants to long pants since we are about to go to a fancier place. But as I came back they rejected our try to enter saying that my shoes are Nike, therefor not possible…I could not hold back and told him that those shoes where 300 euros and that I could probably buy 100 of his shoes…at the end I must say, a terrible move. How could I insult him which such sayings in front of Ukranian friends…that was the worst. I shall learn and never to this again. Day 82 was quite easy. I showed a new volunteer around and cut my hair. Free Day as well and i uploaded my first game video! Anyway. I somehow don’t feel too well…and I don’t know why.


Without too much happening. Seriously. Rather a bit boring. My schedule is short and filled with bartender job where not much happens. Arturo left and my money keeps on getting shorter. But there is one thing I want to mention. I am going to talk with EasyLanguages and present my new idea. I want to join this community and on top of it! I live at the moment with another person who is camera man. Like Kai, who I met two month ago! And I think in order to improve my work I think about taking him in and work with him. So there is not much happening but! Soon there will be. 😉


When waiting is worth it

Day 85 was a regular day and Carina had no time on Day 84. And day 85 was the same. But Janusz had time and we talked about lots of things! And more than that. I presented him my new project of me, traveling around and interviewing people in German and he accepted it! How awesome is that?! 😀 And more than that, I met here a Japanese guy, Nobu. And apparently he is professional filmer. And he accepted to join me on this epic journey! So we will be both traveling around and going for glory! I can’t express my happiness…it’s like too much good happens to me. And my story of life just keeps on getting absurder…

1 minute after his “yes” on the project

I wanted to keep this moment as a great memory! So this pic will be telling me how awesome my life was during that time. 🙂

On Day 86 I talked with him about some plans or our journey and checked for some work away places in Switzerland! We will start in October which is a great time to also finish our personal traveling a and to plan enough. Two videos a week has been said. I am now so tired even though today was my free day. And it’s funny how I started to get the local people on the m


Things getting awesome!

Nobu left! I said bye and we will see each other later. We played “Mafia”! I had a lot of fun! I have a new Spanish roommate and I went with Elona and him out to the city! I still have to find a work away place for two!

I feel the confidence now, getting where I want. To be a famous YouTuber!


Lot is Happening! made the market video! Going to go online on Day 90! It was so much fun! I should have made more pics. I met street musicians and I want to play with them! Looking for CS and Workaway. #BarWork #Work? I met the musicians again and a lot of other people I talked to! I got too many offers in Switzerland! Jobs and CS!!!


Playing music with other people! I asked Mathew, the other volunteer if I could borrow his guitar. He seemed quite concerned when he found out about my intentions of going outside with it. “Don’t brake it” he said. A bit silly since…how the hell am I suppose to break it?? I went to the shopping road as I encountered the same musicians like the last two days! I offered them to play with them but my guitar and workplace didn’t match. But this time it went. They invited me to join and it was a violin, a cello and a guitar at the end…they only knew about 15 songs to play in total but the people loved it. I had so much fun and at the end I also met other musicians.

A female musician borrowed me her local instrument! On this instrument the girl started to sing and play and it was simply stunning…she played just for me! That’s when I started to love the Ukrainian people. At the end I went to drink a beer with the two in a dark park and went back. Such an awesome Day that was!


I woke up and had an actual schedule! With two lessons and Bartime in the evening! First the conversational lesson…and she didn’t talk that much. It was quite hard actually!

Guy between the girls is Vlad.

Then I had Spanish lessons thaught to me! And then it was Bartime! Actually I think that I am doing great in Spanish, however I got also other things on mind. Then I had barwork. And then Vlad entered with the girls. Until everybody from the picture was here. xD They asked me to play some guitar, so I secretly sneaked into Mathew’s room and took the guitar. After I played the only song I know how to play. Ed Sheeran’s “Thinkin out loud”. They loved it and we made videos and selfies etc. after my shift we went for a little walk to a place in front of an apartment of one of the girls. We smoked Vlad’s new shisha and drank an actual Italian wine! With bubbles! xD

Then I left them and went back myself. I bought a burrito and pretended to be a local. Which is very funny. Because I am Korean.


I worked 17 Hours at the bar in two days. That was really tough. I am leaving on Sunday….and it’s good. I need to keep moving. It’s not like there is a lot happening here. Even worse…I am getting suuuper lazy here. I have to move on and produce more for my FB page and my YT channel. I feel like I am messing up a bit. xD


I cannot describe how cool the last day was. I mean I was exited to go and talk with students at 14:00 and playing a bit “mafia” until 17:00. “Mafia” is a funny game. xD But what really made the day was Elona picking up the best idea to go and picnic. So I took Diego and Kate and we went to the supermarket. And as soon as we arrived we didn’t thought about eating anymore. No, it was just too hot outside xD. So we bought a (terrible) small honey-vodka and some beers and went to the river. We talked and shared akward stories, kept on moving and saw the fun fair park!

Elona and I aiming for the highscore!

Of course! And then I did it. With Diego, The QuadFlipBrainCrusher. So hard, that you’ll realize that this babe is Ukranian product. The blood just shot nonstop into my head and it took me a few hours to calm down. Then we went to eat some Georgian food and went back. After we left again to go karaoke but it was some concert in the bar so went to another bar and just smoked shisha and drank harrd vodka!😀 but just before the last shot I felt the limit and took the last shot which was really close. So I went to bed with some weird stomach feelings. Hahaha! What a night!


Ready for another weird adventure!😄
I woke up early at the OLA school and had about 4 hours left to prepare myself! So i packed my things and checked my Packing list. And I found out that a whole suitcase is for nothing. All things I don’t need during traveling! xD

So I am really looking forward to deposit those things in Switzerland as soon as possible. And I saw another reason. I had to keep my guitar between the legs in the car for almost 10 hours!! Terrible…anyway. The ride was sick! A nice car, awesome guys and good music! They where crazy awesome! xD it was a tough ride but it went from 13:00 until 20:00. I found Nata, my host and thanked Alex, my driver. Then I went to Maya’s place and I saw the real Ukranian thang.


It’s crazy! I woke up and them moskitos! They kept on biting me during my sleep! But I just used a blanket of my “Blanket-Mattress”. I left to the center in the morning and didn’t know what to do. So I went into restaurants and ate breakfast and Ukranian food! Argh, no power on my phone! I write more later!


 Keep on writing.🙂 for The longest Blog!

I decided to go to the beach today and play volleyball! During losing my way to get there I receive a call. A woman tells me that she needs my help to teach some students english @ 19:00. I asked who she is and she said, a friend of the CS host. Alright, no Volleyball today! Because they start around 17:00. I went there and met a few people! I gave conversational lessons and after that made some money which I couldn’t return. So I took Ilahi, one of the students and the woman who called me, Vika. We went into a crazy place between 4 walls! A little spot with music, food and drinks and tons of students. I showed them a place to sit and met Some Ukrainian people which I will know better than expected. One of them played guitar and I showed him my stuff. Everyone was amazed and then a reggae boy showed up with an ukulele on the next table! We sang and played, smoked Shisha and ate burger! It was another amazing day! Then I said bye to Ilahi and to Vika and went with the ukranians to a karaoke bar. Then to the beach and finally to bed. At their place. xD

The next morning I woke up with stomach problems. I told Dzenia about it. So we went out, cause all where still sleeping. After going for the idea to go to the doctor at pharmacy I told him I ate 7 burritos in 5 days. He laughed and said that this is the cause! Made sense…xD so he showed me a place with some good, health and light food!🙂 it was delicious!!!!! The best soup! I will go there again.🙂 After getting lost in the city we went back and left for the Arcadia beach. A touristic place with day clubs and rollercoaster etc. I my self went for the first time into a 9D cinema. After we went to the same bar for the evening and then @ 2 am I said bye and I am going to see some of them again. My Host was worried why I didn’t show up since my phone was dead…she couldn’t reach me. Well here I am! And still alive!


It’s time for bath pants! xD

I must point out that Nata, my CS host is more than caring towards me. She keeps on giving me things like tea and dinner and lunch! It’s incredible! I will give her back something.😉 After she made us some lunch I decided to chillax for until afternoon cause of last days. Then I put my bath pants on and left for the beach in order to play some volleyball! 🙂

Epic beach in Odessa

I went there by bus and as I arrived I realized that I was too early, nobody was playing yet in the heat. So I prepared this selfiewith the beach behind for my FB page and went again to check. I saw them play and also little girls which where incredible strong! I played with them until I was one of the last ones to leave. After coming home I realized something’s off and I saw that Anaya’s little daughter is here, trying to sleep! So I made not much ruckus and went to bed as well. The kid greeted me and did not seemed to be the shy type. I also didn’t are a lot this day…worried a bit.


Writing this with my left hand since the bus in Ukraine is quite crowded. At least the heat calmed a bit. xD Oh, just got a seat! I woke up and felt the pressure of doing something for my channel so the first thing I did was #RanikQuotes and after I left for the city. This time I had no plan. No clue about what or where to go. I got hungry so I wanted to go to that place Dzenja took me last time. As I arrived I managed to order this great soup and a piece of chicken, hahaha! After I walked quite around and in the heat encountered this pink building with cake & coffee store inside. I hesitated (cause of the male offending colors) but still decided to enter.


It was a AC cooled beautiful coffee place where I drank and ate like crazy! The cheese cake was so good! Incredible! Then I went back home and left in the evening with Nata to a CS meeting. I met some Germans and an Austrian and spent the night until 2 am together. Nata left earlier though. And I had to pay lots more for a taxi than usual, cause I’m a tourist…it was a easy day!🙂

Oh, almost forgot to make the celebration of the 100th Traveling day! Hayaaa!!! *Dance, dance, shake it shake it tweeeerrk!?! Khufu! Thanks for reading the blog! Probably you’re the only one reading it. But you should know. You’re my man…or lady…or whatever you are.


Beach days!

The last day in Odessa. I received a call from a German group i met during a CS meeting. Before the appointment I was confronted with Roma people who begged for money. First this girl and after there where four of them…crazy! I tried to tell them that they have to stop begging tourists for money and learn English and try to get out of this misery…but I couldn’t…so they left and I met the Germans. I can tell you we left for lunch to a local place and went afterwards to the beach. And then I left them. Short break to tell something. If twenty minutes are needed to order food. If ten awkward silent minutes are needed to decide where to go to the beach. It has to be a German. They are so complicated, you won’t believe it….anyway. I left them around 19:30 Pm in the center and left. Then I saw this barber store and made up my mind. Let’s cut my hair. It was so much fun and the woman cuttings hair was so careful! It was amazing. I can’t remember many who cared so much about a simple short cut. I gasped once just to tease her and she got so scared and laughed afterwards, hahaha! I had to do this.😉

It is important to feel ease during traveling stranger countries. So I had to pay two euros at the end and gave her one as tip.😀 then I got my old  hairstyle back and went on to the “Sunday cinema”. A place I know more than well. But it felt different to go there alone than usual. And as I entered I immediately spotted Michael! A guy I met with the other Kiev guys a few days before! We where both happy and smoked shisha and ate falafel n stuff. We didn’t meet anybody else and I went back just before midnight. But there where no busses anymore and I keep on getting ripped as a tourist with taxis. But I managed to take a share taxi and get home all by myself!😀

I was proud. So proud! xD a true traveler.


Ilahi wanted to meet me so badly so I couldn’t resist and stay over this Sunday. Even though I should have left today I was told that there is no trouble in extending my stay at my CS place which is making me loving my host so much!😀 This CS host is so helpful and I can’t believe it at all. She said she is going to help me to look for whatever I need. Apartment or job.

So I worked on some things and met Ilahi and his friend Andrew in the afternoon and went eating and swimming. After we went killing sum dinner and departed. I didn’t know what was going to happen but this is clearly a travelers story. Once more!


I mean I just do random stuff. Let me explain.

  • Going to “Coffeetory”, a place with sweets and drinks
  • Sleeping until 11 am
  • Not properly working on “Ranik Vlogs”
  • Working on “Easy Languages”

And I also gave English lessons on day 105 but else I am not doing too much. I mean today I did a food tour with Nata and in general I just enjoy the times here. I decided to really start my channel on October together with the other channel. So mostly I am feeding my FB page. I am just looking for a place to stay until October. And I think i found something!


IMG_5802This is my one blog about my Scout trip

Well, I was thinking about what to do in my life. I checked for working possibilities and discovered this Scout-camp near Odessa. So I met the leader, Rayisa and got told about the project. It sounded amazing and so I left my host and I left for this adventure!…2 km away from the host, hahaha! It was a self created forest close to the coast. And as I arrived there I had to gather firewood with a little boy. And there I started to feel for the first time the pain of Ukranian scout camps. Those stingy little ball-alike plants that are getting stuck on everything where so annoying and I finished off dirty, itchy, and a few scars. At the same time there where two little girls from the noble side who where sent there and they rather disliked the staying there. They came and left at the same day as I did. went also to the beach and swimmed with them. And one of the girls surprised me by putting a jellyfish into the palms of my hands. But it was a small one without any strength! It was crazy.

Due to my injury at the back I realized that I had to cancel my guitar plans and Viktor, a little boy was sad that I stopped playing but forgot the day after. We where training for an orienteering in the city and I did another orienteering in Odessa at a park! It was so amazing especially when you don’t understand anything and then you’re supposed to find your ways in an orienteering! I managed but my injury, again forced me to quit running after the first half…it is really an annoying injury. I met a lot of kids and i started to take a like into all of them. But not all of them where scouts. Some where also half orphans or else. And I soon heard about a girl who’s biggest dream it had was the rebirth of her mother. I started to understand that I could not really help her out of that situation….it made me sad and accepting such truth is beyond my acceptance but what else was I supposed to do? At the end it was the dirty life, Miskito bites and the hardcore survival camp that made me leave earlier by calling my host and saying that I could use a shower. Then a second call which made me go back entirely.

At the end it was another unforgettable weekend and I will remember them kids. I learned more and was ready to move on.

113 – 116

As I returned from this trip at the camp, I got invited by my CS host, to go with her to Moldova for a weekend! I didn’t hesitated for a second and agreed on that! But before I spent some days in Odessa to recover from wildlife and gave some English lessons to my students in the city. But sooner or later, we were ready.

I decided to only be taking my iPhone and clothings with me. Of course, toothbrush and some other things. We booked the bus and crossed the border! After filling out my transit-card for the 5th time, I drove through the autonomic region, Transnistria. And Tiraspol, the main capital of this place was as unexpected as expected! There where beautiful houses. And poor houses. Beautiful banks. And dirty places. But mainly, no people at all on the streets. It was an indescribable feeling I had when i past through this place. It was not just a ghost town with no people due to calamities or else. There where lights and electricity and all. It was something I had never seen before. Like a place where people enter in the morning and leave in the evening.

When I reached the Moldovan border I the bus driver stopped the bus and went for a smoke. Nata, my host asked me if I wanted a Stamp. I didn’t  Understand since a stamp isn’t something you’ll get when you want but when you need! We descended from the bus and asked about the situation going on. And the woman told us to pay for the stamp. Pay! Like it would be some kind of sticker-panini-collection! We disagreed with this joke and after asking around we got to someone who gave me a paper that declared me in the country for some time. Then we arrived at Nata’s mother’s house and I got my first night.

I went for city trips and and walks in parks and also made awesome shots with my phone! The video editing is such a piece of cake that it makes me question things like a computer and stuff. During the days I tooked notice of a discussion in the family. When I asked about the problems they said that the grandma needs someone who’s taking care of her. I gave Nata a yes, saying that time is the only thing I have. But when I got told that she has certain illnesses I went for some researches about getting infected and realized that this is ok. So after parties outside the city and a wonderful BBQ with new people I met like Igor and Felix! I said bye to this place only to come back a week later. And to stay there for a month! #FollowYoFlow

114 – 126

I AM BACK! Ranik is back with his BLOG!!! It was so great to take a little break and focus on different things. But let me tell you what happened. When I came back from chisinau to odessa I agreed to leave Ukraine and to take care of my CS hosts mom. And that’s where I am writing now from. I found myself waking up with no interest of living. xD I was tired and weak….plus I got locked up in the apartment xD. Still made it to go out in the late night and to meet friends of my earlier stay in Khmelnuitskyy. And the next day I met Kate, a Canadian girl who was teaching there as well. And we spent times at the beach and I have my last English lesson in the evening. Then I went to play “Ring of fire” and got so wasted that I almost blacked out, puked in the next day and caught hangover for 48 Hours!!! Never took a drop of alcohol until today. Plus I stopped smoking. On that night I met a girl on a bench which will maybe take more affect in my life than imagined…but let’s keep that to the future. I spent great times and went to chisinau. And I can say that until today: GOOGLE TRANSLATE!!! Is my best friend! Even though I learned so much Russian by now, it helps out so much! And now I am staying here until the later September. Then I am going back to Switzerland and start the most important project of my life. I will blog now daily again, The YouTube Videos will stay short until October. #FollowYoFlow


I am already ready and can’t think of anything else than my project on October! Since days I am just thinking about one thing: Ranik Vlogs & Easy Languages. I am thinking about creative inputs and working on logos, talking to Germany about ideas and projects. In October I will take my Japanese cameraman, Nobu, and travel for a month in Switzerland and France. In this month we will test all the projects and see what the results are. Plus in October I am going to film everyday for “Ranik Vlogs”. But enough of that. Today I stayed at home until afternoon and then decided to check out a close lake I spotted two days ago from the hill. What a lovely lake indeed. But the heat was hitting on my head and so I went through a small park into a restaurant before I went back home. Then I took the guitar and sang a bit and had a chat to Germany about the project. I told them that if this shall succeed I will have no time to meet them for the next 12 month probably. xD So I told him that there is a chance of me going to Berlin before going to Switzerland. Then I went to a pizzeria for the evening and looked for more CS places on the Internet. I really have to find something in Basel! I cannot afford anything else there! 😐 #FollowYoFlow


When You’re Rich And The Sun’s Too Strong

Today was a shopping day. I went to the market, nothing special. But then I met this dude on the way home. He told me that he needs to get back to his village by bus and for some because I am too rich and the sun was too strong I actually gave him 4 euros which is ridiculous. And when he received it he wasn’t happy with it saying he needs more and as I took it back he said that he put his words wrong together. Also he looked like untrustable and smelled a bit of alcohol. And I still have it to him! xD I can’t believe what I did…I felt so bad afterwards because it’s literally helping no one. Him, cause he is young and should go work, me cause I support it, loose money and feeling ashamed of being so naive. I recently had a similar thing happening with two roma. When i have a Girl half a Dollar she went Off and did not Shared with the other person she came with…so I learned a lot in the recent weeks. From today on I will never ever give any money to beggers. Only food or zigarettes. At the end i feel embarrassed but more intelligent. 🙂 so to compensate the loss of my money today and I felt so bad anyway I stayed this Friday at home and sorting out some photos on my PC which is actually very good, hahaha! #FollowYoFlow


Sorting out my travel datas

Uhm… nothing went on today. That’s why the only picture I’ve posted was how I got up. Which looks cool but that was it. It was hot today and somehow I don’t feel like going out. Today I’ve sorted all day pictures out of recent years. I want to have my things prepared before going on my big tour. That’s pretty much it. A calm day is also ok. I found all The CS places to stay until the date to leave. I am quite impatient to finally start, hahaha! I am going for five days to Kiev from the fifth of September. I’ll be glad that I did this as well. And Berlin is only possible per hostel. There are too many people that want to go to Berlin by CS. I have to wash laundry tomorrow…



It’s all working out Fine, Because that money and beggars thing freaked me completely out. I don’t know why. But know I caught myself again. So my day was pretty simple. Shopping some veggies at the market, looking for Babushkas Phone and passport, singing and playing guitar and chilling with some tea times. But I start to feel it. Boredom. For the first time and it feels like back when I was in Khmelnuitskyy. When I feel this then I know: something has to change. So I started to pick up my Japanese lessons and worked on some pictures I have to sort out. I thought about going to Berlin but it’s going to cost me an additional 250 Euro min. And I can’t afford that since I am about to travel a month in Europe. And here in Moldova life’s so cheap that I can safe some money while preparing myself for October. And to be honest, even though I feel boredom, I need this time to prepare my stuff. It’s important and vital. I thought that going to Berlin would make in impression of a serious young man who takes his time and money to come to Berlin but when I got the info that they may have not too much time I realized that it’s better to focus on the test in October since if it would fail, I would have went there for nothing. So I decided. Moldova and then directly home. I love the dog we have. He is always running away but still staying with us all the time. It looks like a cow (From the colors) xD and the veggies are so fresh, that one won’t believe. Hahaha


Um? Oh, of course I’m still alive! xD, Just normal life. I went to the market in the morning and showed my sister per Skype the market. Before I managed to get new internet onto my phone which was a bit difficult. The lady tried for 15 min. To put the Internet onto my phone until she rejected her offer and said that I should pass by later or call the hotline. But she cannot give me the money back. Not cool, hahaha! Lots of reasons. So I went to the shop on the opposite side and there was a smart enough person to help me. Afterwards I went to a pizzeria and killed French fries and a cool lemonade. After a chat with Nobu I went home, chilled and babushkas de some salad. Then I talked the whole Day on whatsapp and ate the best dinner by Babushka. It’s cool to just hang around here, go shopping sometimes, prepare the project and just chill. It’s also good that I can save money like this because it will come handy when I am going to be a month in expensive West-Europe.


I handle calamities like a Baws! International friends and stolen beds. Whoohoo! It’s September, baby! The month I was waiting for a whole time! In four weeks I’m going to meet Nobu in Basel! But first things first. I managed to get Leon, a previous workawayer from Czech Republic onto the phone! I had a lots of fun and I told him cool stories. Then I had to go to Western Union in order to send money to a friend in Russia. As I returned from the heat, babushka told me that the sofa where she’s sleeping on is going to be taken away! Since it is not hers. On the evening I received the message that my friend could not pick up the money and my former CS host is arriving from Ukraine at 2 am. I keep on organizing for Switzerland and I’m super exited! A unlucky day, that went still ok. I just sleep now like a Japanese on the floor. Which is actually quite cool.😀


A Chardonnay goes wrong. I got caught in a triple update on my blog. My host arrived in chisinau and we are spending food time here. Just had to be super careful right now of not scaring babushka as she got up and not realizing me sitting in the dark. I already scared the shit out of her a few days ago twice! Anyway. It’s her birthday today! But she felt the whole day weak until she got light fever…so my Chardonnay for her went straight to my host. A shame, I really wanted her to have a nice Chardonnay since I know she likes it so much. I’m not sure if I will go to Kiev tomorrow. I have to be here for babushka. Responsibility before fun. I could finally solve a financial issue with Russia and help my friend and I got around 24 Days left until reaching Basel!😀 I also learned that next one is not the next one her in Moldova. It’s the next one after the next one since the next one here for them is the one here, get it? xD So exited! xD and of course FollowYoFlow!!!


Taking care of Babushka (was I acutally high when I wrote this??) Guys, I can just tell this much. I’ve had crazy times on getting high here. xD the green here is working like nowhere else. And yesterday I prepared dinner for babushka which was amazing. And I am still in Chisinau even though I wanted to go to Kiev, cause babushka is not feeling well, so I decided to stay here. Short info I know. xD


Ma Days, Floatin around are over in Moldavia! Just the time I’ve spent in Chisinau should be now written down here. It’s rather unbelievable what kind of lifestyle I’m pleading to. Some people sell bread, some work on constructing. I’m just a mad traveler with mad ideas. But it’s those mad ideas that never make me switch with anything else. I took great care of babushka and I must say, after a month I was tired and emptied out. The timing is great to leave, as a matter of fact, I’m writing from my BlaBlaCar which is driving through Romania at the moment. I got taken to a first time paragliding by my driver before in Chisinau and I tasted some real good Borschtsch and Soleanka by babushka which is destroying minds! 😀 I got great in Russian and learned a lot in Chisinau. But most important of all, I finally prepared my project. And it’s soon time to hit the second chapter of RanikVlogs. This is my second last entry in WordPress.

157 – 159

This is my final WordPress Post on RanikVlogs for now. Because of the changes and the already tight schedule I have to cancel certain things. And this is a thing that will be off, only to make space to my Vloggings and more, but let’s talk about the last thing. My 2000 km ride back home. I’m writing this post at midnight while my driver is sleeping after a miracolous 1000KM ride today! As I said good bye to all my people in Chisinau, the BlaBlaCar picked me up. A car, that I found late driving to Frankfurt, but he still is bringing me to Basel first, which is amazing! That transport is clearly the best thing ever! A ride from 25.09.15 to 27.09.15. Let’s start the talk:

As he wished I was already prepared to leave at 05:30 just to get his call, telling he just woke up and needs an hour now. xD After he showed up, I gave my farewell to my former Host and left everything in Chisinau. As we packed everything, I started to play DJ and was responsible, until now, for the music. As we went down the “main road of Moldova it was still dawn and foggy, and you won’t believe it but we as we drove a car showed up in front of us, trying to take over a truck and we had to dodge off the road. My driver said its normal but I can’t believe this…many times a lot of dangerous moments were up but nothing happened at the end. The border of Romania destroyed more than half of my cigarettes cause it has special rules there since it’s not schengen. And after that my driver had to do some things in Vaslui, a city in Romania which took too long also cause he overslept. So after that we kept on rising and arrived at a place with some private internet because we always went for some internet somewhere like Crazy! I tried to sleep, but it kinda failed. At 2 am we got up and continued our journey through Transylvania in the fog during fullmoon. We moved on and experienced a lot of things which you’ll see in the upcoming vid. Romania was hard. Also Hungary austria and everything!

I’m now chilling in Basel at my CS host and thinking about my project. And it starts like this: my WordPress Blog is going on ice for now because my Vlogging should replace it. And it would be just too much things going on at once. But if you want to ask questions just write it in the #JustAskRanik and maybe your answer is answered on our weekly series: “TeaTime with two travelers”. So thank you all for reading and get ready for chapter two: Ranik – Reloaded!!! (Check the video)

End of “Ranik – Prelog”

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