Haryana’s Invitation

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Two Continents crossing paths.

As I descended from the Delhi train, into this local town Jind, I spotted my Host standing on the stairs and waiting for me. His name was Sumit Sehgal and this man made me see India in the most friendliest way of all my journeys in India. I learned, that people of India can be absolutely fond of you and not all the places are about getting as much money out of the foreigner as possible. I learned about living circumstances in an average financed place. And they learned from me, because I was English teacher for two weeks, teaching children, teenagers and adults.

  • Working as: English teacher
  • Location: Jind city, Haryana, India
  • Time I’ve worked there: 25.08.16 – 08.08.16

Workaway Host, Sumit Sehgal, 23, Young, vivid and visionary. Those are the things that made me remember Sumit as an unordinary Indian, who thinks further than Indians usually do. However, he is not someone that talks about vision only, but makes necessary steps towards his dream of creating a better education of English in Haryana. Sumit is the one in the blue shirt on this picture.

My story

Many glances got thrown onto me, as the tall, Asian foreigner walked pass the people’s homes, into narrow roads and afterwards into a little apartment with a chance to go to the first floor. My Host was a young man, same age as me, black haired and making an impression of being easy going. Almost too open minded for Indians. He lived with his parents and showed me the bed on the first floor, which consisted of a big terasse as well.

A double bed had been arranged and as the day passed, the whole family joined the room, except the father since he preferred to sleep outside under the cooler breeze. I had really bad health conditions back then, due to the “Delhi belly” (slogan for food poisoning in Delhi) and I struggled to please every friend I’ve made, by joining dinner every time, but the love I’ve received was absolutely extraordinary. Sumit was an English teacher in an institute with no more than 8 people, so the lessons turned out to be more personal and very entertaining. I’ve also given my devotion to a school, that keeps students of below average societies, so I’ve been teaching for the first time an actual school class, which was absolutely fascinating. The change of teaching structure was very entertaining and the unspoiled relationship between locals and foreigners was godlike.  I’d been shown so many things, so many places. I’ve made great friends and as the two weeks passed by, I had departed from my Host and my friends as much more, than a Volunteer. We departed as friends.

Treatings and food – I could not count the dishes, I’ve tried during my stay in Jind, but the passion of treating guests like me was absolutely THE number one favorite during my stay here. During my stomach infection, the Mother of the host switched her style of cooking and served light meals for me and my host.

Swimming in the canal – Yes, I’d been swimming in brownish water in a canal and as I had to descend the water, I had to cross my way with some Buffaloes, taking a chill bath and they did not looked too appreciated about it, hahaha! Definitely one of the events in India I’ll never forget.

Showing around – If dancing theater like the banner I used for this post or the rice fields of families, I got shown around temples, homes and places, that quickly made me realize, how different their life was compared to mine. It was very fascinating to eat guavas straight from their trees.

Water and electricity dropped out in the whole city – Yes, you’re reading right. We had the rare circumstances of both vital essentials of life dropping out for days and while electricity jumped sometimes back for short, the water was just not available and suddenly became a very rare good. Before I got completely desperate for a way to clean my sticky sweaty body, a portable water tank arrived in our neighborhood and as everyone was getting their buckets filled with fresh and cool water, I had my fun as well and you can clearly see theirs as well on this picture.

Final Impression

This had been the best Workaway place, I’d ever visited so far. Not because of the financial issues or the comfort of expensive environment, but because I felt closer to the host than ever. The way the whole city treated me was like I said, godlike. I felt simply joy of being here and having said that, I hope you enjoyed this summary of my experience in Jind, Haryana, India and it may just be that the very you, reading this now will as well be getting to a point of desiring freedom like such. Haryana’s invitation.

If you are having an interest in the Workaway Host, you can visit his Workaway profile by clicking here.

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